ortogere - 'magical' device - similar to a compass

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POV power transmission

find a good way to transfer the power needed for the leds to the rotating part :-)


Target Power Level

the Target Power Level is about 20-30W on the rotating site we need stable 4-5V DC for the LEDs (specific Voltage must be checked with LED-Driver-Drop-Out voltages…)



based on Application Note High Power Wireless Power Transfer for the Industrial Environment from Würth Elektronik).

available coils

part L1 Qmin @125kHz IR1 Isat1 RDC1 typ RDC1 max RDC1 max datasheet mouser digikey
WE 760308100110 24µH 180 6A 10A 70mΩ 100mΩ 5MHz PDF 11,60€ 11,65€
WE 760308100141 10µH 180 9A 16A 28mΩ 30mΩ 11MHz PDF 20,50€ 20,60€
WE 760308101141 10µH 220 9A 16A 28mΩ 30mΩ 11MHz PDF 21,66€ 15,67€
WE 760308100143 6µH 180 12A 24A 15mΩ 18mΩ 16MHz PDF 18,25€ 18,35€


name test value formula
target_voltage 5V  
target_power 25W  
target_current 5A 5 target_power / target_voltage
target_current_with_safety (30%) 6,5A 6,5 target_current * 1,3
coil_inductance 10µH  
tank_max_current   0 target_voltage * π * sqrt(C * coil_inductance)

1                   = 1
1 000 m             = 1
1 000 000 u         = 1
1 000 000 000 n     = 1
1 000 000 000 000 p = 1


this section is just a collection of all the things i encounter during my research phase..

use coils

self-made coils

Phone wireless charging technology

use slip-rings

power transmission should be possible with slip-rings. as Jürgen pointed out in chat - if you get the diameter of the slide-ring smaller you get lower surface speed - so less wear…

this is in contrast to the data ir transmission - as i need to get these wires or fibers through the shaft.. but i think i will find a good compromise..